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  When choosing a game you chose not only between Holdem and Omaha, $2-4 or $3-$6 limits, but also the type of the game. You have to decide wherever you're going to play limit holdem, pot limit hold'em or no limit holdem. What the difference between these three types?

  Limit holdem meant that the maximum size of the bet is the same as the high limit. Moreover you can bet this maximum bet only at the turn or at the river.

  The other variant is Pot Limit Hold'em. It means that the maximum bet size shouldn't be bigger than the size of the pot.

  And the last variant is No Limit Holdem. The most favorite game of all Americans. And also a championship event at the World Series of Poker. The main difference between NL Holdem and other holdem types is that you can move in all your chips any time you want. That's why it's called No Limits. Because there are no limits in this game.

  It's so dangerous and so exciting at the same time. It's the very essence of poker. Limit hold'em is for the homebirds, for those who are not ready to risk. Pot Limit is for those who are ready to risk within due limits. They are just going to become homebirds. And those who play no limit. They don't have any limits. And they don't limit themselves anyhow. A good example is Stu Ungar. Drugs, sex, poker - No Limit Life for No Limit Player.

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