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Party Poker

The Party Poker site has been up and going since 2001 and has been running strong ever since. With five years of experience, the website has garnered a loyal following, and has become a respected entity in the world of poker.

BoDog Poker

For the past ten years, BoDog has been one of the biggest names in the online sports betting community. Well, like any good company, BoDog has been looking to expand it's boundaries, and in the fall of 2012 opened up BoDog Poker.

Doyle's Room

If you don't know who Doyle Brunson is, you may want to do some research before you start playing real poker. Brunson was the man behind the pinnacle of poker literature, "Super System."

Pacific Poker

Running towards the ten year mark, Pacific Poker has been one of the most popular poker sites to visit for years.

Royal Vegas Poker

While there are some needs for improvement before Royal Vegas Poker can be considered one of the top online poker sites, the company has shown in the past that they are not above making changes when need be, and if they continue with such an attitude it will not be long before they are on of the top poker sites on the web.

Golden Palace Poker Room

Established in 2001, this Canadian enterprise has been confusing potential customers and offering reliable gambling opportunities for 5 years.

Paradise Poker

While it still has a number of factors in it’s favor, the site simply isn’t on the top of the online poker room scene anymore, and unless it changes some things the site managers won’t be back on top anytime soon.

Titan Poker

The games are fairly soft with one or two exceptions, the site is easy to navigate and there are very attractive bonuses for first-time players. Combine all of these playing aspects and what you have is a site that may soon become a breeding ground for the future poker champions of the world.


While anyone could easily play on this site, it seems that Poker.com is being run with the low-limit player in mind.

Action Poker

One of the draws to this site is the fact that you can play tournaments for events such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. These tournaments draw a lot of players, and there can be some real competition at Action Poker.

Poker Stars

If you are not at least an above average player, you may want to look for a site that has tamer competition than what you are going to find at Poker Stars.

Ultimate Bet Poker

With celebrity backers such as Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, more customers are coming every day for the chance to play a game against a poker professional. Unlike many sites where the celebrity endorsers are on only once every few months, you will find “Team Ultimate Bet” on at regular intervals.

Hollywood Poker

No matter what the bad points of this casino may be, everyone should play here at least occasionally in hopes of cleaning out James Woods. This is supposed to be the site where celebrities come to play, so maybe you can get lucky and win their money.

Sun Poker

There are multi-table tournaments if that is your fancy, and there are a wide range of tables for you to play, so you can play with the big money players for a while and then taper off to lower tables as you see fit.

True Poker

It has a few things going for it that give it the potential to go very far. Unfortunately, potential doesn’t get anyone very far on it’s own, and True Poker also has some stifling problems that if left unresolved could spell doom for the online poker room.

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