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Leave The Blinds

You have likely heard the phrase if you have either played enough Texas Hold’em or watched it on TV. Players are sometimes known for “defending their blinds.” What does it mean to defend your blinds? Ultimately it means you will lose more money than you have to.

The blinds are required bets that two players have to put into the pot ever round of Texas Hold’em. The blinds are set before the game begins and often go up in set intervals, such as every twenty minutes, or when a player is eliminated from a Sit N Go tournament game. The player to the left of the dealer posts the small blind, and the person to his left posts the big blind, which is usually equal to double the small blind.

Once that money is in the pot, many players feel they need to defend their investment. That means that, if someone raises beyond the big blind, the person who put in the big blind thinks, “well, I’ve already put some money in, I need to cover the raise to take a chance at keeping my money.” That is the first mistake; thinking of the blind as “your money.” Once you post the blind, it is no longer your money, it belongs to the game. If you have a bad hand, just because you are in the big blind does not make your hand any better. A bad hand is likely to lose whether you were forced to bet in a blind or not. Sure, you are out the blind if you fold, but that happens to every player at the table. If you go after your blinds with a bad hand, you are likely to lose even more, which is not really the smartest way to play poker.

Now, about paying the rest of the bet when you are in small blind. Why not? It is only have the cost, right? Think of it this way; every small blind you let go leaves you with half a blind to pay the next small blind.

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