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Make It Stick

If you are like a lot of poker players these days then you are trying to improve your game. Drawn along by the success stories of Moneymaker, Raymer, Hachem and the rest, you may have decided to give turning pro a try, or perhaps you just want to see if you can supplement your income by playing poker online. Either way, if you are trying to become a better poker player, you will need to go to school on your skills. One very effective technique that is generally overlooked by all by the most serious of poker learners is the poker play review. If you think you are learning lessons every time you play poker online I've got news for you; you are loosing more of those lessons than you might imagine.

In order to make the lessons you learned stick, you need to review them a few times. Repetition is a key to learning, as any teacher can tell you. Let's say you've done pretty well early in a tournament with a few fortunate starting hands, but find yourself short stacked by the time the event is half way done. What happened? Perhaps you relaxed with your lead and started to speculate too much, or followed too many draw hands to an unproductive conclusion. Once you have figured out what it is you did wrong, you should jot it down, even if you are still in the game. Then comes the review.

Many poker rooms literally record your game sessions and store them in your personal history. You are able to go back and play the games, like watcing a movie. This is a fantastic aid because you can pick up the things you may have missed the first time through. Use this tool if your poker room offers it.

Take one night a week that you were going to spend playing poker and use it to review. Go over your notes, play back games that correspond to your notes—work hard to make the lessons stick, and your game will improve.

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