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Strategy for Learning Poker - Write a Book

Here is a novel idea for learning how to play poker -- write a book about it. Okay, writing a full-fledged poker strategy book might be beyond your means at this point, but that doesn't mean you can't do some poker writing to help cement the lessons you have learned. There are tons of learning techniques that are used every day around the world by students and self starters -- there's no reason you couldn't use these same techniques to develop your poker skills. One very popular and effective technique is writing down what you have learned.

Studies have shown that writing down information that you have recently heard or read helps entrench it in your memory. These techniques are used by speed readers and other highly effective learners. When reading a poker strategy book or watching a poker strategy DVD, take good notes. Rewrite your notes to further entrench the lessons in your brain.

You may balk at so much writing -- it may have been awhile since you had to do much schooling, and it may seem a bit too much. There are other ways that you can write your poker lessons down and make it fun. If you write out the lessons to another intended audience -- say anybody that you want to learn Texas Hold'em so that you have someone to play a home game with, or posting your lessons in your blog, then writing to learn will seem less of a chore. Hosting a Texas Hold'em tournament is a good way to force you to write down the rules -- if you have all the rules for the tournament and game play down in a format to pass out to the players, there can be less bickering over rules interpretations and more fun instead.

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