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Building Your Rocky Image

If you have played poker for a while then you know what a Rock is; a player who is very tight and passive, who miserly holds on to his or her chips and only risks them on the sure bets. Playing against a rock means getting out of his way when he enters the pot, because he is going to have a monster of a hand. If you want to build some respect for yourself at a poker table, especially an online table where players have to rely on observing your betting style to “read” you, making a rocky image for yourself is the best way to go.

Why chose rock? Wouldn’t it be better to be seen as a Stone Cold Killer, the legendary tight and aggressive player that will push you around and always take your money? The problem is that is a harder image to portray online. If you are new to the game and playing Limit Hold’em, always recommended for the newcomers, then building a rock image is easier.

One of the benefits of a rock image is that people get out of pots you are in more often than they would others. There certainly are some downfalls to this; it is hard to get a lot of action if you don’t give a lot of action. However one of the benefits is not often mentioned, and that is that people will be less likely to try bluffs against you if they see you as a rock. Why is that? Once again, if you are in the hand, you must have a killer hand, so if they try a bluff and fail, they are going to be taken to the cleaners.

The best way to give off a rock image is to become a rock, for the most part. Fold, fold, fold until you have great hands, then get ready to fold against you.

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