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Kill Pots

What is a Kill Pot, and how should your game change when you play them? A Kill Pot is, at its essence, a pot where the casino doubles the stakes for one hand, and typically occurs when a single player wins two pots in a row. In that case the very next hand will be a Kill Pot, where all blinds and limits are doubled. Casinos will have specific rules regarding when a Kill Pot occurs, and even the amount of the raise. For example, the casino may only have a half Kill Pot, where the stakes go up by only 50%, or the conditions may state that the person has to win both hands with something better than a pair each time. However it comes to it, a Kill Pot will often put players off their game in terms of tightness and looseness, and you can take advantage of this by both paying attention to how others regard these higher stake hands, and how you react to them yourself.

First, how others approach Kill Pots. Some players will play looser, and others will play tighter. The looser players are looking at a pot that is going to be more, likely double, the average pot of the table, and thus worth taking a stab at. They will therefore loosen up their hand requirements and hope to draw something great. Others will be more uncomfortable playing the hand precisely because it will cost them more, and thus will only play with the very top hands, if even then. If you can get a read on how a person plays a Kill Pot, then when it occurs you can use this information to your advantage.

How should you play it? Exactly the same way you play any other hand. If you are playing solid poker, then play solid poker, regardless of the stakes. The key is to let it rattle someone other than yourself, and be ready to take advantage of their unsteadiness.

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