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Your Biggest Cash Game Component - You

Tournament poker play is all the rage these days, especially with such poker television shows as the World Poker Tour in the World Series of Poker. Many newcomers to the world of online poker might be in for a bit of a shock if they log on and go directly to the first games typically available -- the cash games. Cash games are an entirely different animal than tournament games when it comes to strategy, as well as the impact on your bankroll. In a tournament game everyone starts off with same amount of chips and are competing against everyone else at the table. In a cash game each player's bankroll can be wildly different, and while you are trying to beat other players in each hand, your biggest opponent is you.

When playing a cash game your focus has to be everywhere at once. You have to try to figure out how the other players will play different hands, try to determine what starting hands they have, hope to understand why they called you all the way to the river and then went all in, and a myriad of other factors. All of this can throw your focus off what might be the most important element of the cash game -- the cash.

Even at low limits it is ridiculously easy to have the dollars slip away in the heat of the moment. Especially if you are chasing any sort of hand, then you are putting money at a bigger risk than if you start off with something solid. Keeping track of what you started with and comparing it at any point in time to what your current bankroll is is one way to make sure that you're staying ahead of yourself in the game.

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